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Silubi™ is a combination of science and technology mixed with comprehensive financial know-how and sprinkled with a dash of design. We pride ourselves on our inclusivity and value expert opinion no matter what gender, age or geographic region it may originate from.

Meet the team.
Over 25 years’ capital markets experience. B.Sc., economics & Wharton AMP Diploma, Wharton (University of Pennsylvania).
Stephen Hill
CEO & Founder
Qualified management accountant. Degree in biochemistry and physiology.
Ian McFarlane-Toms
Co-chaired W3C Provenance Working Group producing the PROV standard. Head of Informatics, King’s College London. PhD in applied science, computer science.
Prof. Luc Moreau
Commercial law and dispute resolution specialist. Bachelors of Law & Commerce (hons), Bond University, Australia.
Nick Robinson
General Counsel
Multimedia and creative design specialist with 10 years experience designing for international blue chip client base. Multimedia Design BA (Hons).
Tim Disney
Design & UX
Meet our advisory panel.
Founded RAW Coffee Company in 2007. Holds a Diploma in Coffee from the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. Founding member Gender Equity.
Kim Thompson
MD at RAW Coffee Company
Founded and led PwC (Singapore) Transactions division focused on financial, tax, commercial due diligence and deal advisory.
Subramaniam Iyer
Audit & Accounting Expert
Univ. of Oxford, Physics (BA Hons). Univ. of London, Nuclear & Particle Physics (MSc). Former VP – Financial Markets @ IBM. BOE CBDC Technology Forum member.
Keith Bear
Blockchain & Regtech
Extensive oil industry and research experience with Macquarie, CLSA and Credit Suisse (Global Head of Oil & Gas Research). Worked at Texaco, Caltex & Chevron prior to investment banking.
David Hewitt
Energy, Investment Banking & Commodities Consultant
PhD in social psychology. Emeritus Professor of Social Psychology, London School of Economics. Organisational & Social Psychology expert.
Prof. Patrick Humphreys
Provenance Certification & Community Development

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