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Provenance Integration

Provenance integration from Silubi™ gives you the power of our provenance engine without the need to compromise on your existing application suite and established operational tool set.

Silubi™’s provenance integration service allows you to answer bespoke queries of your provenance data, delivered directly and securely for integration in your existing operational framework.
Unobtrusive integration

Connect your existing applications via API to feed data into Silubi™’s provenance engine.

Once connected your business continues operating as normal while Silubi™ quietly works in the background, mapping provenance relationships between your documents, goods, payments and people.

Insight at your fingertips

API calls can be made to query your provenance enriched data periodically to fit regular events such as report scheduling or on demand to ensure you always have the latest information to hand.

Additional services such as email alerts can also be created to make sure you never miss a thing.

Standards as standard

Silubi™’s provenance integration service delivers an easy to consume JSON file for direct integration into existing applications. Use familiar or native tools to create alerts, analyse data or flag inconsistencies.

Need another format? Talk to us about your requirements.

Do your goods or services need more provenance?
Contact us today to discuss how we can integrate provenance into your project or organisation to better expand your business network visibility, improve your accountability, assist with anomaly detection and make tasks such as monitoring or reporting much easier and more meaningful.

How Silubi™ Provenance Integration Works

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Icon representing an api call
Icon representing a JSON file
We help connect your business systems to provide data to Silubi™.
Make an API call to Silubi™ periodically or on demand.
Receive a JSON encoding of your provenance query result to integrate into your existing systems.
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